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Good day. Let's cut the frivolities short, shall we? If answers are what you seek, I'm certainly willing to give them, otherwise don't waste my time. Well, go on. Entertainment is something I am always in need of. I humbly await your inquiries~

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I hope the-crimson-bad word doesn’t see this.

I see it.


I hope the-crimson-bad word doesn’t see this.

I see it.

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Sooooo~ Lord Ghirahim. What exapctly would you do if you found the adroreble Sky child sleeping in the forest~? >:3

=snorts=  If he made the foolish mistake of leaving himself so vulnerably open in my domain, let’s just say I would take the opportunity to make sure he never interferes with my plans again.

((I would like to take a moment to recommend a GhiraLink fanfic for how I think a scenario like this could possibly play out: Sleep by brosexual))

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… Not very effective at all. Why do you ask?

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Twerkahim is a dork ♥


Twerkahim is a dork 

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((I’ve added a headcannons page. It’s partially nsfw so beware I guess.)) 

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Hey, Ghirahim! I found your cousin!

I fail to see what resemblance I bear to that ridiculous looking contraption.

Hey, Ghirahim! I found your cousin!

I fail to see what resemblance I bear to that ridiculous looking contraption.

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… It wasn’t without dire consequence.

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It seems a challenger has approached you with haughty words. Is there to be a duel between you and the Minish man?

I will not… be bested… by this fool.

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((I apologize for the sudden beef with Vaati. Back to your regularly scheduled… whatever that is… soon.))

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*The sorcerer sauntered onto Ghirahim's blog, nose high in the air, looking as if he smelled something awful. Ghirahim of course.* Tch, is this the man I am being compared to on a regular basis? I expected greatness out of my rival, not someone so /pathetic/.







=Ghirahim glances over at Vaati, highly amused by this foolish, ridiculously dressed, display.= And what mockery of fashion graces me so pretentiously with his unwarranted presence? 

… You suggest there is a rivalry brewing between us? You must be mistaken; I could never be compared with such obvious inferiority.

But go on, do amuse me. I’m in need of some entertainment and your laughable getup is a perfect place to start.

=Ghirahim pretends to examine his nails as Vaati goes on; what a long winded fool.= Perhaps you should consider taking your own advice. My gorge is rising just looking at you. You’re worse than that red-headed hulk of a human; the mere sight of you makes his appalling hairdo look like the most fashionable of trends!


"Bitterly alone?" You poor mislead sob. Didn’t I just say very few were worthy of me? At the moment, nothing strikes my particular fancy, therefore I see no reason to allow anyone my company. Perhaps you should cease your infernal noise and give yourself room to process what you hear.

Oh dear, I pity any woman you allow in your harem. If your height is any indication, I doubt they’d leave satisfied. 

As if you would know anything of fashion. You walk around in those rags and try to belittle me for my fashion choices? How foolish are you, worm? At least I do not look like a Castle jester like you do. 

Or is that perhaps what you are only saying to preserve your horribly big ego?~ That none are up to your standards?~ Knowing you and the lack of standards you actually have, I assume it’s safe to say that you are lying through that gaping hole in your face. You only claim to be too good for any mates, but we all know the truth.~ /No one actually desires a fruity old /hag/ (yes, hag) like you.

You dare to make a jab at my impressive girth? Fool! If that were the case, I would not have many women crawling at my feet for even an ounce of attention! Clearly, they keep coming back for /more/.

I can’t say the same for you, considering that Goddess-awful attire you wear that clings to your sad excuse for genitals in any effort to highlight that it exists at all. A pitiful attempt, really. 


"Fruity old hag?”You’re one to talk considering you both dress and look like some old buzzard having wrongfully crawled out of its nest! If what I was hearing wasn’t so completely absurd given what you’ve demonstrated thus far, I might actually be amused by the claim that women would willingly throw themselves at a pitiful little urchin like you! Enough of this foolery, wind mage. My tolerance for stupidity only goes so far and you cease to be of entertainment!!

=Ghirahim launches himself at Vaati with murderous intent, seizing handfuls of his long hair and gouging at his eyes. It’s the equivalent of two grown men having a testosterone fueled cat fight. Clumps of purple hair fall to the floor. It isn’t pretty.=

*Vaati gave a loud shout in both pain and fury as his delicate hands flew to his scalp and tried to yank the Demon Lord’s equally delicate hands from his gorgeous lilac locks*


*The sorcerer’s temper was flared up, and finally yanking his damaged hair from Ghirahim’s vice like grip and surveying the damage done, he felt this rage only grow and bubble up more inside. Seeing the clumps of lavender hair littering the floor, Vaati /lost it/, lunging at the Demon Lord and tackling him to the ground. 

Using all of his weight, Vaati straddled the Demon Lord and began clawing mercilessly at Ghirahim’s face, raking his finely manicured nails into the Demon’s flesh, leaving deep, angry marks in his fine complexion before beginning to rip out chunks of Ghirahim’s gorgeous hair. As if that weren’t enough, the sorcerer began to shove these clumps of hair into Ghirahim’s mouth*

=Ghirahim sputtered as his own hair was thrust into his mouth, letting out a muffled cry of rage, Glaring at the wind mage, he bit down hard on Vaati’s hand, sinking his teeth into his delicate flesh. He could taste Vaati’s blood, and what a vile taste it was, to be expected of the vile fool himself. The Demon Lord pulled back his fist and drove it square into the other male’s crotch, delivering what was sure to be a crippling hit to the girth the wind mage was so proud of.=

*Vaati let out a shout of pain, hands flying to his crotch as he got off of Ghirahim, hissing and groaning in pain through his teeth as he clutched his genitals, pain shooting through the sorcerer. But like hell he would let this pompous Demon Lord win! 

Forcing himself to his feet, his nostrils flared in rage, Vaati lunged at Ghirahim again, bringing his knee up with surprising speed and /slamming/ it into Ghirahim’s crotch, a resounding “THWACK” ringing throughout the area due to the brute force Vaati delivered the kick*

=Ghirahim snarled in fury and agony, staggering back, his posture mirroring the wind mage’s a few moments prior. He hunched over, breathing heavily with one hand tending to his groin, the other jabbing an accusing finger at Vaati.=

You unspeakably horrid insect! You abominable sow! You’re going to regret ever crossing Demon Lord Ghirahim, mark my words. Mercy is not something I have an abundance of!

=He shot forwards, driving his fist into Vaati’s mouth, his face, his chest, pounding away at any parts of the wind mage he could reach. The fleshy sounds of the two man-children relentlessly fighting it out echoed through the air.=

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