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I return it to where it rightfully belongs.

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Your question brings me great amusement, human.

Allow me to offer a bit of insight, because it is clear that your knowledge on the matter is severely lacking. While I regularly assume the form of a demon - who do reproduce through intercourse - I am first and foremost a sword spirit - who to my understanding do not reproduce, and especially not through such means.

I wasn’t born, I was created for one purpose: to serve as a blade for my master to wield. Not to mention the vast extent of my own lifespan wouldn’t exactly prioritize such a thing - not over my servitude to my master, and not over… anything else really. ‘Continuing on my legacy’ through procreation is, as far as I’m concerned, completely unnecessary and entirely impossible.

Regardless, even if I were able to reproduce, do you honestly think there would be anyone alive worthy of bearing my offspring?

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Oh, my joy is boundless, child! But was there ever truly any doubt that I would hold a place in this game’s roster? How foolish could one be to not include me among those with playable status?

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((Magic anon: wearing Vaati’s clothes 3/3))

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Just like Zant, although expected due to previous footage, we now have our first official confirmation on Ghirahim being a playable character in the game!

The video provided showcases all characters from Skyward Sword that have been confirmed thus far. To watch the bit on Ghirahim, go to 0:18.

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((Magic anon: wearing Vaati’s clothes 2/3))

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Where does the nickname "sky child" come from? Apparrently he says it in the game but I didn't see him say it. If he says it in the game, where does he say it? :s

((He says it once at the end of the first battle with him, right before he leaves the Skyview Temple.))

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((Magic anon: wearing Vaati’s clothes 1/3))

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Do you have an art blog?

((I have my main blog which I post most of my art to and then I have an art blog as well that I’m trying to get started. It doesn’t have a lot of stuff on it yet.))

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Really, what fool would willingly serve the Demon Lord? 

I’m not the least bit surprised, and quite honestly, you have made a very wise decision in subjugating yourself to me.

For when I build my empire, you will be spared when millions of your own kind are wiped from existence like the smudge of dirt that they are.

*Vaati turned to the-crimson-fuck in the distance behind him and began to gloat openly* 

You see?! *He shouted* Even your own fans prefer me over you! How angered this must make you! Ah ha ha!!

((Magic Anon Swap Clothes with Ghirahim: 1/3))

=Ghirahim abruptly turned to the wind mage with a scoff.=

Oh, please. One traitorous little urchin is hardly of any worth to me. But for entertainment’s sake, I’ll humour the fact that a single lowly human with clearly no taste whatsoever prefers you.

You see, I find your misplaced egotism highly amusing; we all know I’m the favoured one by the majority after all~

*Vaati sneered*

You? The preferred one? Honestly, I think Moblins have more positive points to them than /you/ do, no use in denying it, Ghirahim, you are a repugnant little leech who lives off of my legacy.

So it is, in fact, /you/ with the misplaced elitism, not I!

=Ghirahim threw his head back and cackled, so entertained he felt he could cry.=

Yes, please continuing proving how utterly delusional and mislead you are, wind mage! “Living off of your legacy”? Ha! Perhaps in another world where you aren’t a bitter, unsightly sob…

=The demon lord turned so his backside was facing Vaati. He reached down to grab the edges of the wind mage’s attire he wore, pinching the tunic-skirt and waving it at Vaati.=

… With hopefully a taste in fashion that doesn’t amount to cheap silks and nausea-inducing bloomers.

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